Farmers Pride Annual Meeting 2024

Mar 05, 2024

Farmers Pride Annual Meeting

On Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 Farmers Pride Cooperative held the Annual Meeting for the customers and patrons of the coop. At the meeting, new Board of Directors were elected or re-elected: Greg Kumm, Tyler Krueger, and Chad Reeves. After 23 years each of serving on the Farmers Pride Board, Craig Unkel and Gerry Krueger have retired from their positions as directors. Thank you for your service to Farmers Pride!

Four informative breakout sessions were held to begin the day: 2023 Answer Plot Results, Fertilizer Market Outlook, Energy Market Outlook, and Don't Miss Tomorrow Looking at Yesterday.

Despite a very challenging year in many ways for your company, Farmers Pride was able to have a very good year financially, and is able to pass this success onto our patrons.

2024 Patronage Rates:

Corn & Wheat 7.19¢ per bushel marketed
Soybeans 19.61¢ per bushel marketed
Fertilizer 5.01% of dollars purchased
Chemicals 7.38% of dollars purchased
Seed 4.45% of dollars purchased
Feed & Merchandise 4.74% of dollars purchased
Petroleum 13.28¢ per gallon purchased

A major highlight for the cooperative was our patronage income from 2023, a record of $10.7 million from our regional cooperatives, including AGP, Cobank, CHS, and Land O' Lakes. This is a great example of the cooperative system in action, and is what has allowed us to pass on the exciting patronage rates to our members.

A special thank you to everyone that was able to attend this year's Annual Meeting, we look forward to serving you and your operations in the coming years!

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