Intern Spotlight Kendra Beltz

Aug 09, 2023

Kendra Beltz, Summer Intern
Meet our awesome team of summer interns this year at Farmers Pride!
Kendra Beltz, Battle Creek and Neligh locations.

Kendra is from Tarnov, NE and is attending Northeast Community College where she will be in her second year of studying Ag Business.
Why did you choose to intern with Farmers Pride?
Farmers Pride was mentioned to me through a lady I babysat for and she had great things to say! It sounded like it would be a good experience to get my foot in the door and see if the agronomy side of ag business is what I would want to do in the future.
What are some of your day-to-day activities at the coop?
My day-to-day activities at the coop include filing, weighing trucks, paperwork, sale tickets, grain contracts, and working on the grain bid sheet.
What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?
I’ve enjoyed traveling to some of the different locations and meeting all the other employees. I’ve enjoyed how welcomed I am here at Farmers Pride by everyone. Aside from that I’ve really enjoyed learning about the market and the details of creating the contracts.
What's a fun fact about yourself and what are some of your favorite hobbies?
One fun fact about me is that I love to cook. I enjoy doing anything that involves being outdoors and with friends; Hiking, boating, swimming, camping, etc.
What is your dream job after graduation?
My dream job is anything dealing with animals. From the feed side to the medical. I would enjoy working in any area that had basically anything to do with them!

Kendra has been a great help this summer! With some upcoming retirements, and needing to cross train employees, she has been so helpful with filling in at other locations. She is always willing to try anything that is asked of her and does a great job-always with a smile! She has helped with fair breakfasts, and helped with the Battle Creek 150 celebration when extra help was needed for the Junior Farmer Olympics event. Thanks for everything this summer Kendra, we were lucky to have you with us this summer at Farmers Pride! Good luck with your second year of college! 


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