Winter Propane Safety

Jan 18, 2023

Winter Propane Safety

Winter Propane Safety

When higher amounts of snow are forecast, be sure to take the following precautions to keep your propane tanks running effectively and safely.

Regulators: Please be sure to check that regulators on tanks or by homes are not buried under snow and are able to vent properly. If covered, make sure to clear them carefully using your hands or a soft broom.

Tank Access: Please be sure to clear a route to access tanks if you are getting low on propane. This helps our drivers safe as they access propane gas tanks for maintenance and refills, and helps us get deliveries made more quickly. 

Tank Level: Please regularly monitor your tank, and be sure to call us when your tank reaches 30%-25% to allow our team time to get your propane delivery scheduled. If a tank runs out, a leak test is required and an adult must be present. *Additional charges may apply, in the event of an empty tank requiring a leak test.


-Be aware of your tank’s location when using a snow thrower or plow - We recommend you attach a brightly-colored flag to the top of your propane tank so it can be found easily even in deep snow
-Never shovel snow against or on top of your tank or a vent - Use a broom or your hands to remove snow and ice from the tank rather than a shovel, salt or ice-melting chemical
-Never kick your tank to break up snow and ice
-Protect your tank from melting ice dripping from overhead
-If you're out of town and you know you're due for a delivery, please make arrangements to have the path shoveled. 
-If you think you smell gas, move to a safe distance away and call Farmers Pride

If you have any questions or concerns this winter, feel free to call your local Farmers Pride office!!


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